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 Gaudin Lucien Bettenhausen Geschenkkarten Gaudin Lucien

Altachenweg 5 3366 Bettenhausen 27.04.2014 Gaudin Lucien tel:+41629615448 mobile:+41629615448

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Gaudin Lucien Altachenweg 5 Bettenhausen
Gemeindeschreiberei Bettenhausen
Gérald Roux Kirchweg 16 Bettenhausen
Glutz Katharina Weyerwaldweg 2 Bettenhausen

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Gaudin Lucien Elpol Valais SA

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Lucien Gaudin (September 27, 1886 September 23, 1934) was a French fencer and Olympic champion both in foil and in épée competition. He received gold medals in ... wikipedia.org
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View Lucien Gaudin's professional profile on LinkedIn. Experience: Chef d'entreprise, Elpol; Entreprise, Elpol. linkedin.com
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History: The oldest reference I can find Lucien Gaudin in is Trader Vic s Bartender s Guide (1948); however, many suspect that this cocktail surfaced sometime ... drinkstraightup.com
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Lucien Gaudin, (born 1886, Arras, France died 1934, Paris), French fencer. One of the great classical fencers of the 20th century, Gaudin was once described as ... britannica.com
britannica.com Lucien Gaudin (French fencer) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

The Lucien Gaudin is a Prohibition-era cocktail named for the extraordinary fencing champion who won olympic gold medals in the 1920's. We don't know exactly summitsips.com
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Named after a famous Olympic fencer, the Lucien Gaudin cocktail is a delightful drink reminiscent of a Negroni that is oriented towards orange. cocktailmusings.com
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